Split earnings and tips between nail technicians and/or hairstylists

Splitting tips and earnings among hairstylists and nail technicians are not easy in salon business because you need to split the amounts proportionally when service is done by more than one hairstylist or nail technician. Salon Manager app can help your employees to split their tips and earnings among them so easily.

Weekly Work Scheduling by employees

Keeping a track of employees’ working days is often difficult. With Salon Manager app, employees can schedule themselves easilyfrom their employee app and you can organize employees’ schedule each day.

Tips Transaction Fee adjustment when tips paid by Credit Cards

Usually, employers pay Tip Transaction Fees to Square when your customers pay tips with credit cards. As a salon owner. if you like to apply transaction fees to your employees' tips, Salon Manager app can help you setup this using Tip Transaction Fee feature.

Easy to use Appointment feature

Salon Manager app’s appointment feature is really simple and smart. When customers call you to make an appointment, all you need to enter their phone numbers with the services they request. If they request their favorite technicians, those employees are able to see their appointments in their mobile app as well.

Employee Cash Earnings list for payroll

No need book keeping anymore. Salon Manager app can help you record of each employee’s earnings. You can see the history of employee earnings last 15 days. With this feature, employee cash payment is much easier.

Salon Earnings with expense reporting tool

Many of salon owners would like to know if their businesses are profitable or not, but don’t even have time to sort out their expenses. Salon Earnings feature will help owners to book keeping their expenses and you can see if your business is profitable or not.

Customers Check-In with request favorite employee option

It’s important that your customers check in when they walk in your salon. They can even request their technicians at check-in. If they have an appointment with your salon, then you can easily see when their appointments are.

Whose Turn feature to take turns for busy salons

Salon Manager app allows you to control employees' turn. Sometimes, employees disagree on their turns because they want to get more customers to make more money. You don't want your customers to see their disagreement in front of the customers. Salon Manager app organizes your employees turns easily.

Employee Clock In/Out options for earnings calculation

Keeping a track of employees' clock-in and clock-out hours is often difficult. Especially, when you have hourly employees, you need to make sure that you pay the correct earnings for their working hours. Salon Manager app can help you tracking your employees working hours precisely.

Employee Cash Salary Payment calculator

Most of the salon employees like to receive their salaries partially in cash. There are several types of Cash Salary Payments that are common in salon business. Here are the most common ones; Daily Base Salary with Commission conversion, Commission Only, Hourly Only and Daily Salary. Salon Manager app can help you calculate your employees’ earnings precisely. Your employees are also able to see their earnings using their employee apps.

Customers Discount Sharing options between business owners and employees

While you offer discount coupons to attract more customers, you will make less money. Salon Manager app can help you share your customers’ discount coupon costs between your business and employees.

Employee iPhone and Android apps with Earnings, Weekly Work Scheduling and Appointment features

Your employees can use Salon Manager Employee mobile app to see their earnings, weekly schedules and appointments. Salon Manager Employee mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Save money and time when you use Salon Manager app

  • Save money and time
  • Maximize your revenue
  • Freedom to leave the salon early every evening

We made your salon management easier for you, so you can maximize your revenue and profits.

Easy Setup

Setting up Salon Manager app is really easy.  Guided installation steps will help you run the app in a few minutes. With easy featurers, you can save time in managing your salon business.

Save Money

Instead of spending too much time on splitting earnings and tips among employees, customer check-ins, employee clock in/out and working schedules, let Salon Manager help you maximize your revenue.

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